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    About FISHER

    Live Free...

    Fisher is the incarnation of many styles of music and dreams come to groove. We are from Philadelphia where soul has lived and breathed for over 45 years. Nothing says love better than a gut bucket funk groove and the chuck of a trance inducing reggae tale. Fisher is ready to spread the movement that is music.

    Even with the strength and finesse that funk and reggae inspire Fisher paints the scene with color and psychedelic wonder. Everywhere you go in life there are things that lift you and bring you to that next level. All of you are welcome to anything and everything that lives inside of us.

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    Genres: Rock, Music, R&B/Soul
    Released: Feb 06, 2012
    Legal: © 2012 Fisher

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    fisher funk band

    Thanks for exploring our site. We love our fans. All of you are welcome to everything that lives and breathes inside of us. This page is sinple. If you wish to get in touch with us, feel free to use the contact page here and we'll get the message.

    If you want to book us or just want to get on our email list, let us know. The band is up to 9 pieces at times with our horns, so we're ready to blow the doors off the place.

    Thanks again for listening and keep coming out and laying down the groove with us!

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